Are you depressed, anxious, lonely or sad?   

Do you feel frustrated or discouraged at work or that you are not fulfilling your potential?

Are you stuck with recurring negative thoughts or feelings that limit your enjoyment of life?

Or leave you with a general feeling of malaise? 

Are you struggling in your relationships? 

Perhaps you are battling to deal with the death of someone close to you?



Psychotherapy can help you develop your awareness and understanding of yourself and your life choices helping you to feel more at ease in your world. Taking a pause and reflecting on your life in therapy  creates both a physical and emotional space for you and this can be very beneficial.

I provide both long and short term therapy. I work with individuals and couples and offer the following options:

Short term counselling for brief, focused work. This might be applicable to you if you have a specific issue you wish to focus on or if a recent event is troubling you. We would agree to work together for 6-8 sessions.

Longer term therapy where the aim is to look at the underlying causes for issues in your life. You may be repeating unhelpful patterns or continually attracted to dysfunctional relationships at work or in love. We would look at these issues together and gain insight into what is happening. Talking through issues can be very helpful in terms of finding your own solutions to problems, making meaning of your life and moving forward. Reviewing, understanding, accepting and then changing ones patterns of behaviour is liberating and exciting and can be hard work. Therapy provides a space to do this work and to assist you in developing.


Catherine had a long career in financial services before a reevaluation of her own life prompted her to retrain as a psychotherapist. She now works in private practice in the City of London and central London. Click here to find out more about her.

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